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Our Services include:
- Bulk SMS
- SMS Marketing
- Web Integration
- WebHosting and Web Design.
- IT solutions

How does one communicate with customers efficiently, be absolutely sure that the message gets across quickly and cost effectively, while managing to strengthen the brand and deliver a personal message? SMS is your answer! Being in business, you have to constantly stay in touch with existing clients, suppliers, employees as well as reaching out to targeted potential clients. Relationship is based on a sustained and two way communications process. It involves the management of communications strategy and implementation. Be many steps ahead of the others, by adopting it in your overall marketing strategy. In today's dynamic and fast-evolving world, it is important to be able to reach new customers anywhere and at any given time. You may now do away with using your mobile phone for sending SMS messages to multiple recipients, with BlastMobile SMS services you can reach your client at a low cost. BlastMobile has invested extensive resources and expertise into building and maintaining these connections to deliver reliable SMS channel that enables you to concentrate on your core competencies and still be able to reach millions of end-users around the world. Our solution is delivered as a managed service, meaning it not only reduces complexity, but also reduces costs for equipment and management, as well as risk and time-to-revenue. With wireless messaging, your offline life can be as connected as your online life. In fact, with BlastMobile, you'll never really be "offline" again. Sending messages to mobile phones has never been cheaper or easier! Communicate with friends, groups, members of your organisation, clients or your staff.

Bulk SMS is a direct advertising tool that penetrates the market better most media. It capable of reaching groups of people instantaneously where ever they are. It has a wide reach and longevity as it can be saved, forwarded and read over and over again by the target. SMS delivery to one or many recipients with this BlastMobile, you can send one SMS message to as many recipients and also schedule to send at a later date and time while enjoying the convenience of a regular computer keyboard. You can also use the file saving capabilities of the site to save plain text files containing numbers for use in the future.

SMS Marketing
For individuals and companies looking for a complete SMS service, or Revenue Generating SMS service, BlastMobile offers delivery notifications and confirmations of definitive delivery or otherwise of SMSs sent to mobile phones. Our unique service and technical expertise provide the tools and knowledge for your business to open a personalized communication channel with new and existing customers, enables your company promote your brand name as well as providing a promotion and advertising strategy, for your existing and potential future user base. Advertising via SMS is easy, and allows you to generate revenue every time an SMS is sent. This method of targeted, permission-based, context-driven marketing has been proven to yield great results! To reach your target market BlastMobile has an extensive database of over 20,000,000(twenty million) functional subscribers from all GSM Networks that covers an endless list specified industrial sectors and businesses. Banks, hotels, telecoms, hospitals, distributors, boutiques, transporters, showbiz, schools and lots more. Cell phone marketing is definitely the most personal and effective method of direct marketing. Implementing an SMS marketing strategy will take your business to the next level… NOTE: For confidential transactions, provision and entry of specified clients phone numbers is entirely up to you! To define your message content you have customize and personalize your sender ID.

IT Solutions:
Luc-Tech Services with (CAC registration number BN 2176889) specializes in technology services; we render services to small and large scale business. We pride ourselves in providing our clients with professional service, guaranteed quality and the highest level of efficiency. We offer a cross-fertilization of strategic ideas in Branding, Strategic Communications, Print-web Design, Web-based Applications, System maintenance, Networking and Multi-media solution.
Benefits of working with LUC-TECH SERVICES
We offer a variety of bonus services to all our esteemed customers for no extra cost. The bonus offers include:
- Free Data backup and recovery (Company will provide backup storage)
- Free virus scan and removal
- Free basic computer training for a staff nominated by your company

Our creative and technical team are immediately involved in your brainstorming sessions, enabling us to understand your goals and strategies to giving you the best possible solution.
We develop and maintain trusting; mutually beneficial relationships with our clients by working hard at team building with organisation to be sure business objectives are met.
The members of our team possess a board of experience and expertise to give you a quality service.
We use a project management process that actively involves our clients during the duration of the project and employ cost-effective approaches that are sensitive to budget concerns. We understand how to make the web work for our clients. We strive to understand your overall marketing goals, how the web can work to achieve these goals and deliver a website that exceeds expectations.



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